Friday, January 14, 2011


To the members of A Plan To Seek Justice and Michael Jackson fans worldwide,

As original creator of this group and like page,I feel as though it is my personal duty to inform you all of the outrage and disappointment I am feeling today due to what is transpiring on face book.
As some of you may know, I created a expose blog on Taaj Malik last year after I became acquainted with her ways and realized who she really was,which is definitely not someone here for the love of Michael or his fans.If you google Taaj Malik you will find a list of MJ fans over the world who have shared similar experiences as myself and chose to disclose their stories with you all. Some of you took heed and walked away, while some of you chose to get burned and hurt in the process.
Hence, as a result of exposing Mrs.Malik,I chose to take a leave of absence from the plan group pages because I knew what all she was capable of and didn’t want her actions to affect anyone, especially to destroy the plan’s initial goal, which is in fact to seek justice for Michael.
Although it may appear as though Mrs. Malik has moved on and “works” tirelessly for Michael,I can assure you that is simply not the case. She has since than created a hate blog about many MJ fans who disagreed with her ways and exposed her, by actually acting as though she is a 3rd person who is defending her own self. Crazy and delusional I know but this is the type of mentally unstable person she is. Hence, Mrs.Malik will not stop at nothing until lives are destroyed and she has once again gained the spotlight.
Also, some of you may remember that Theronda was the one who had the original idea to fly an aerial justice banner for Michael across the court house to show the world we the fans mean business. A banner group was created by Theronda and she appointed myself,Taaj,Maria,and Ida as admins of the group. It wasn’t long when admins realized what Taaj was all about and so she was removed as admin as a result of this and also because the justice banner was all about love and unity, not money or recognition by the media.
After Taaj recognized that she was no longer admin of aerial banner group,she was furious and enraged with jealousy. She told me that she was going to create another aerial banner group if she was not added back as admin and did just that because she couldn’t stand rejection or not to be a part of something which would gain attention throughout media outlets worldwide.
As a result of Taaj’s actions which forced fans to pay for two aerial banners as if we were in competition with one another, we made the decision to shut down the original aerial banner group on facebook and let Taaj take the spotlight.
Since than we all moved on and left Mrs.Malik in the past where she belonged, although she still continued to create fake profiles on face book and twitter in order to monitor our pages and report our updates to her blogs which she created by impersonating to be someone else.
Sadly, Mrs.Malik’s only defense for the truth being exposed about herself is to steal images from my original myspace page along with excerpts from my twitter account, invading my privacy and having the nerve to put her own two cents in her blogs, stating my images are provocative or my tweets are inappropriate.
Since than I had to erase over a thousand friends and followers both on my face book and twitter accounts, as well as make my pages private and protect my tweets, changing my name in the process so Mrs.Malik could not find me. Somehow, Mrs.Malik felt left out and recently in the past week chose to report myself,Insanity,Wendy Jackson,and Cowboy MJJ to face book for not using our real names.
It’s quite apparent this person has no love, consideration, or compassion for Michael or any of his fans and if you choose to continue to support someone who is capable of hurting so many of us, than you’re clearly in the wrong as well.
I have given Insanity X my full support and authority to take over The Plan group and like page,as I have complete faith and trust him in doing the right thing and finding justice for Michael.
Here are some links which can prove accountability of Mrs.Malik’s actions.

Now here’s Mrs.Malik’s hate blogs against myself and other fans by impersonating to be Cowboy MJJ. Notice how she makes frivolous claims and her “proof” has absolutely nothing to do with her accusations. These blogs will also show you how she invades our privacy by copying and pasting tweet and FB updates without authority.

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