Tuesday, January 18, 2011


For some of you newcomers who have not been well informed regarding original aerial banner idea/group which was begun by Theronda,I urge you all to watch this interview I conducted with Dr Benjamin,justice fighters,and Theronda. At 34:00 minutes into video you will hear myself discussing the amazing outcome made possible on April 5,2010 by fans across the world who helped raise $1250 in 16 hours !!! We went on to talk about how excited we were to be able to fly a 2nd aerial justice banner across the courthouse on June 14, 2010.


Due to the fact we wanted to avoid any drama at all costs during this interview,we chose not to mention the fact Taaj Malik had begun her own aerial banner group on facebook,which involved collecting money from fans to fly 2nd aerial banner over courthouse on same court date, a couple days after she got kicked out of the original group.

Oddly,a few weeks before we recorded our ustream show,Taaj Malik initially mislead fans on her aerial banner facebook page by stating she had paid for the banner and air time in full all by herself ! However,just a week later,she began asking the fans to donate towards "her" aerial banner which she allegedly paid for in full,posting the amount fans donated and how much more she needed in order to be able to fly "her" banner over the court house on the same date ! As if making the fans donate towards two banners wasn't enough to make you wanna scream,Taaj decided to make "her" banner fancier (according to her)than the original justice banner for Michael. She began posting updates stating that "her" banner will include a very large image of Michael along with a message ! The reason original justice aerial banner chose not to use Michael's image was because we didn't want to get the banner company in any trouble with the estate because using Michael's image,would indicate they were using his likeness.

However,it was clear that this was becoming a competition to her. Thus we had enough of the nonsense and were not about to continue on allowing Taaj Malik to take advantage of the fans or Michael any longer. So we decided that this was it,we were not going to fly any more aerial banners because Theronda's gesture was straight from the heart derived from genuine love she had for Michael and his adoring fans,in an effort to unite us all as one,to be heard across the world.

Subsequently,Ida (who was also a truly genuine admin of the aerial banner group)sent out a message stating that we were closing the facebook page because we didn't want to cause division or make the fans pay towards two aerial banners,which would be too costly and repetitive.

I'd also like to add the fact that we were constantly being attacked by Taaj Malik ,who was using fake profiles (one she kept changing, beginning with the name Christine Parsons and ending with Katherine Jackson)on our facebook aerial banner group page. Taaj posted on the group wall,demanding we cease and desist,accusing us of lying and stealing,questioning our authority and authenticity,stating we stole Taaj's idea to fly banner over courthouse ! All because she wanted to win (in her eyes) feeling the need to discredit us in the process.The real reason's why Taaj chose to continue with this project was 1.Money and 2.Taaj couldn't stand not to be a part of something which recieved worldwide media attention. In her owns words she told me." What will I tell the fans at court,that I have been removed as admin? They're all going to laugh at me.I have to create my own aerial banner group right away". After she said this,I kindly asked her not to be unfair or unkind to Theronda,as I advised her this would cause division and that it was Theronda's idea to fly the banner,so let her continue on because she was doing a great job. But she did not listen and that's when our problems began..

Funny how these fake or annonymous new accounts suddenly come out of nowhere and defend Taaj on social media networks and blog sites .The truth is Taaj is too much of a coward/con artist to reveal her real identity when she's showing off her true colors.

If you ask Taaj about her fake Katherine Jackson facebook account,she will direct you to a google link which has my name on the url. Surprisingly Taaj had special help with this one,which is in fact another failed attempt to destroy people's lives. She teamed up with her good friend Wendy Ascher who reached out to Muzikfactorytwo asking her to take a look at a two minute video demonstration she had posted on youtube. According to this video,it made me appear to look like the account holder of the fake facebook account.Taaj/Wendy favorited my original facebook profile on their pc and renamed it Christine Parsons.When you clicked on Christine Parsons ,it would take you to my account,which they could not access because they were blocked.Hence during the demo,you could see that these two culprits would receive a message stating the page you are looking for does not exist. I'm truly grateful for Junky (Sarrah Nunyabusiness) for doing her own demonstration video and blog to prove the culprits wrong.Also,a special thanks to Chris Thomas who's a computer wiz ,who immediately identified the situation. I love you both for being there in my time of need and believing in me.

After all this was said and done,Taaj still insisted this couldn't be true and typed in fake Katherine Jackson's facebook profile url numbers (it's amazing how she remembered this piece of info considering she didnt create the fake profile or had anything to do with youtube demo according to her)yet tried to convince everyone it was me.During Junky's demo ,it was appparant the reason why my name was showing was because I blocked Taaj's fake account(Katherine Jackson). It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the profile numbers were not the same ! Funny how Taaj forgot to include my facebook account's profile url address in her screen cap,so as to make a real comparison before passing judgement. This is just one of the example's of the extra length's Taaj goes to in order to make our lives miserable.
More lies from Taaj Malik stating the hate blog she created on us called "meangirlss" recently received 500,000 hits.Lol, delsuional and demented aren't we now Taaj?


In closing,I would like to provide proof of Taaj Malik lying to Larry Nimmer and misleading him during her 15 seconds of fame.
At 3:10 into this youtube video ,he asks Taaj ,"So,how did the aerial banner thing come about"? And she responds,"I've got a group that I run,it's called 'aerial banner' and all the fans donate from $5 to $50,to $100,who they all go off into one source,sending off to aerialvision.com."


So now you all know how the 'aerial thing' came about.All the lying,hate,and jealousy needs to stop Taaj ! Leave us and Michael alone,it's quite clear you don't care about him or his fans so move on with your life.If anyone truly wants to continue to suppport Taaj Malik,please help her seek a physciatrist before it's too late and she ends up hurting someone !

Taaj Malik - A Very Dangerous Woman obsessed with MJ FAN Hulya Tipi

As sad as it may be this 50 something year old woman cant get over her obsession with myself (Hulya Tipi).She spends most of her time stalking my pages and reporting me to facebook/twitter.Her recent blog entitled "mean girls" states I am constantly changing my name because Im hiding.For one,the only one Im hiding from is a crazy lunatic stalker,better known as Taaj Malik who recently reported myself,Insanity,Cowboy Amy,and Wendy Jackson for choosing not to use our real names. It was really actually a good thing and we should have all never used our real names to begin with when fighting to seek justice for Michael ! Look at what transpired when we did ! A crazy delusional pyscho who has God knows how many aliases and fake profiles online made our lives miserable. It's a shame I constantly have to change my screen name's,delete friends or followers,and make all my pages private because this crazy old had is delusional and psychotic !
Can you believe somebody would be so sick enough to spend all their time sitting behind a computer just to hate on people because they are jealous and upset that these same people like myself stood up for ourselves and exposed the truth??
Reverent June Gatlin (Michael Jackson's spiritual adviser) said in her own words that Taaj Malik is the type of person who stirs up mess and than hides under a skirt,with a "who me,what did I do wrong" attitude
When I initially wrote the blog about Taaj my intention was to warn fans so they wouldn't experience the same things as myself,among others. But now I see that was a big mistake because the headache,pain,and anxiety I'm enduring is truly not worth it all. Especially when some of you believe anything Taaj says because she is a very good manipulator who won't stop harassing you until she has you convinced that she is the one being mistreated.
Than there's some of you who are with the "stop giving her attention or we don't want to know about your personal issues" attitude not realizing that Taaj Malik is a big problem and very dangerous ! This woman is very mentally unstable. Matter fact everything we have said about her or whenever we used valid proof to show her instablility and obsession,she immediately turns it all back around and begins to accuse us of the very same things she is guilty of. I guess it's easy to ignore someone who doesn't mention your name and stalks your every move day by day, searching for you even after you delete over a thousand friends and followers on both twitter and facebook. And for those of you who think that being silent and not entertaining her ignorance will make her go away and shut up,I can reassure you that you are wrong. We have all ignored her and moved on with our lives ,yet she seems to have a hard time doing the same,constantly stirring up hate and drama ,conjuring up plots against us.Her hate blogs in itself are valid proof that she is unstable,obsessed,and very evil !
I am going to continue submitting more entries with valid proof of her instability and delusional accusations regarding the aforementioned issue because in case anything happens to me or anyone else,I want you guys to have proof and report her to the police immediately ! Based on Taaj Malik's previous threats and actions which forced Amy Kimes to attain a restraining order,one mustn't disregard the facts and should take us serious.
Here's the links to her hate blogs in which she acts as though she is a 3rd person defending herself. Smh !



Taaj Malik, you should know that in the state of California,(effective January 2011)it is against the law to impersonate someone else and you can face up to one year in prison if convicted ! I suggest you take these blogs down asap or the feds will investigate you !


Friday, January 14, 2011


To the members of A Plan To Seek Justice and Michael Jackson fans worldwide,

As original creator of this group and like page,I feel as though it is my personal duty to inform you all of the outrage and disappointment I am feeling today due to what is transpiring on face book.
As some of you may know, I created a expose blog on Taaj Malik last year after I became acquainted with her ways and realized who she really was,which is definitely not someone here for the love of Michael or his fans.If you google Taaj Malik you will find a list of MJ fans over the world who have shared similar experiences as myself and chose to disclose their stories with you all. Some of you took heed and walked away, while some of you chose to get burned and hurt in the process.
Hence, as a result of exposing Mrs.Malik,I chose to take a leave of absence from the plan group pages because I knew what all she was capable of and didn’t want her actions to affect anyone, especially to destroy the plan’s initial goal, which is in fact to seek justice for Michael.
Although it may appear as though Mrs. Malik has moved on and “works” tirelessly for Michael,I can assure you that is simply not the case. She has since than created a hate blog about many MJ fans who disagreed with her ways and exposed her, by actually acting as though she is a 3rd person who is defending her own self. Crazy and delusional I know but this is the type of mentally unstable person she is. Hence, Mrs.Malik will not stop at nothing until lives are destroyed and she has once again gained the spotlight.
Also, some of you may remember that Theronda was the one who had the original idea to fly an aerial justice banner for Michael across the court house to show the world we the fans mean business. A banner group was created by Theronda and she appointed myself,Taaj,Maria,and Ida as admins of the group. It wasn’t long when admins realized what Taaj was all about and so she was removed as admin as a result of this and also because the justice banner was all about love and unity, not money or recognition by the media.
After Taaj recognized that she was no longer admin of aerial banner group,she was furious and enraged with jealousy. She told me that she was going to create another aerial banner group if she was not added back as admin and did just that because she couldn’t stand rejection or not to be a part of something which would gain attention throughout media outlets worldwide.
As a result of Taaj’s actions which forced fans to pay for two aerial banners as if we were in competition with one another, we made the decision to shut down the original aerial banner group on facebook and let Taaj take the spotlight.
Since than we all moved on and left Mrs.Malik in the past where she belonged, although she still continued to create fake profiles on face book and twitter in order to monitor our pages and report our updates to her blogs which she created by impersonating to be someone else.
Sadly, Mrs.Malik’s only defense for the truth being exposed about herself is to steal images from my original myspace page along with excerpts from my twitter account, invading my privacy and having the nerve to put her own two cents in her blogs, stating my images are provocative or my tweets are inappropriate.
Since than I had to erase over a thousand friends and followers both on my face book and twitter accounts, as well as make my pages private and protect my tweets, changing my name in the process so Mrs.Malik could not find me. Somehow, Mrs.Malik felt left out and recently in the past week chose to report myself,Insanity,Wendy Jackson,and Cowboy MJJ to face book for not using our real names.
It’s quite apparent this person has no love, consideration, or compassion for Michael or any of his fans and if you choose to continue to support someone who is capable of hurting so many of us, than you’re clearly in the wrong as well.
I have given Insanity X my full support and authority to take over The Plan group and like page,as I have complete faith and trust him in doing the right thing and finding justice for Michael.
Here are some links which can prove accountability of Mrs.Malik’s actions.









Now here’s Mrs.Malik’s hate blogs against myself and other fans by impersonating to be Cowboy MJJ. Notice how she makes frivolous claims and her “proof” has absolutely nothing to do with her accusations. These blogs will also show you how she invades our privacy by copying and pasting tweet and FB updates without authority.